Monday, June 14, 2010

Draft Meeting Minutes for June 10, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010 – 6:00PM
CIC Conference Room - JP Bldg, Beach Road, Garapan


Note: All monthly meetings will take place at Century Insurance Conference Room, 1st floor JP Center, Beach Road at 5:30pm until further notice --- mark your calendars!

I. Introductions – around the table (3-mins)
1) Aric, Eli, Joe, Laurie (Marites via phone call)
II. Adopt agenda and last meeting’s minutes (2-mins)
1) Move (Joe) and second (Eli) to adopt agenda
2) Move (Joe) and second (Eli) to adopt May 13 mtg mins
III. Committee reports (20-mins or 2-3 mins each)
1) Solid waste:
i. May Cleanup Brigade moved to clean up Koberville runway
1. On survey decided that getting volunteers will be too hard
2. Hopwood 340 lbs at PakPak beach
3. Kagman 120 lbs at Marine beach
4. PDM 1780 lbs at Paseo/Garapan district
ii. June
1. 340 lbs at Bird Island DEQ Cleanup Brigade
2. NOAA and CRM and DEQ and a church group from Guam pulled up 220 lbs from Old Man by the Sea
3. Marine Biology Club in Kagman – this coming Saturday
4. PDM – this coming Saturday
iii. Marine debris – recycle bin for Marine Beach w/DoCoMo as sponsor in partnership with Kagman Biology Club
iv. Litter Control officers
1. Feel like the fine is too high, so they don’t want to issue
2. Current penalties are $200-500
3. Director DEQ is looking at reducing the fine to less than $200
4. Litter control officers are scattered in amongst all the various agencies: DEQ, CRM, etc.
2) Tan Holdings – iServe iGive Back
i. 5 clean ups in May: CTSI & Fiesta postponed its scheduled monthly clean-up to give way to 2010 SCC Corporate Challenge, which was held 30-May
1. CTSI & FHB: Pavilion #1 – Kilili, 22-May, 7:30a-1pm, 25 volunteers, cleaning and painting and general repairs, 85 bags of trash, 772.65 kilos
2. Fiesta & G4S: Pavilion #4 – PauPau Beach, 26-May, 20 volunteers, cleaning and painting and general repairs, 8 bags of trash, 36.36
3. POI Aviation: Flametree Road, 27-May, 4-5pm, 44 volunteers, 23 bags of trash, 115.91 kilos
4. JP Center: Front of JP center to 13-Fishermen’s Memorial, 29-May, 6:30-8am, 37 volunteers, 46 bags of trash, 427.27 kilos
ii. Three (3) clean ups planned for June
1. 24-June: monthly hauling of recyclables from all Tan Holdings offices
2. 25-June: POI, 4pm, Herman Pan Road
3. 26-June:
a. JP Center, 6:30am, Beach Road
b. CTSI, 8am, Susupe Beach Park
c. Fiesta, 8am, Makaka Beach
iii. Eli will check to see if transfer station or dump is charging tipping fee; shouldn’t be paying; need to make sure that Eli gives Joe a vehicle ID so that fees will not be charged
3) PDM Promoters
i. Regularly scheduled clean up schedule for this coming Saturday
ii. Concerned about waste left by Chinese building owners
iii. Joe is going to look at how to inspect the building owners to enforce accountability
iv. Eli will ask Chinese Association to circulate information to the Chinese community to assist with waste disposal in Paseo de Marianas (Rose or Jerry)
4) First Friday Film – Aric Bickel/DEQ project
i. Film will introduce a theme for the month
ii. The idea is to focus all public outreach and activities on each month’s theme
iii. No schedule yet – but hoping to have it complete by next week
iv. Hopefully coalition partners will be able to collaborate on the subjects as they are planning their own events
v. Aric will email movies poster for blog post and download with encouragement to post at public places – LP to post on BCNMI website
5) Graffiti (via telephone report)
i. Marites has recruited volunteers
ii. Marites and Cinta will be working on a plan to initiate projects in the community
IV. Housekeeping (15 mins)
1) Does anyone have or keep a list of adopted locations?
i. Not renewed since 2008
ii. Some are still continuing responsibility even though there is no formal agreement
iii. Joe’s gonna share that via email
2) Recommend that Tan Holdings enter their events on the BCNMI calendar first then copy to their own so that it will show up on the public calendar
3) Joe is down to last 200 trash bags, no gloves
i. DEQ is not going to supply other govt agencies with supplies
ii. DEQ will assist schools and private groups on a limited basis
iii. Joe is recommending BCNMI buy more supplies
1. Laurie recommending 3 quotes
2. Aric and Joe noted that there is a company in CK that making recycled plastic products and we should support them
3. Bags are slightly more expensive – but the value is bigger in the bigger picture
4) 4th of July end of parade cleanup
i. Joe recommended that Neighborhood Watch group would conduct the clean up; they have decided not to
ii. Unless there is a group willing to take the lead, we may need to table conducting this project again until next year
iii. 2009 event was spontaneous and resulted in an immediately clean Beach Road, post parade, with only a handful of volunteers
V. Announcements (2-mins)
1) Laurie will have to resign from PR Coordinator effective June 30th
VI. Next monthly meeting - 2nd Thursday of the Month (2-mins)
1) July 8th
2) Time: 5:30p
3) CIC Conference Room, @ JP Bldg Beach Road

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