Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Northern Marianas Badminton Association Joins Beautify CNMI!

Volunteers/Members of The Northern Marianas Badminton Association at the Oleai Sports Complex. Community Service Committee chair and Board member Puy Macario was among the 22 volunteers/members who participated in the June 19 inaugural clean up of the Oleai Sports Complex, the group's adopted site. The volunteers/members pictured are: Christy Villaflor, Merlie Tolentino, Shirley Kim, Ezekiel Macario, Annarose Omori, Manatsu Omori, Kanata Omori, Vic Regis, Hapi Gabriel, Gigi Zapanta, Emily Vargas, Toshiko Obata, Rob Harrel, Loyda Ito, Angie Ito, Lucelle Lampera, Mika Lampera, Ella Lampera,Heo Insook, So Young, & Dick Guinto.

A hearty WELCOME to The Northern Marianas Badminton Association, the newest member of the Beautify CNMI! family.

The Northern Marianas Badminton Association, through its Community Service Committee headed by Puy Macario, held a clean-up project on June 19, 2010, at the Oleai Sports Complex. The clean up was held in time for the preparation of the Marianas Cup which was held the same day in the afternoon.

The clean up was NMBA's first community project this year and the group has adopted the Oleai Sports Complex as their regular clean-up project.

Thank you and welcome, again, to the Beautify CNMI! coalition of volunteers!
Members strike a pose during the clean up.
The family that cleans together stays together. NMBA Mom Lucelle Lampera is joined by her twin daughters Mika and Ella.
NMBA Board members Gigi Zapanta and Hapi Gabriel
NMBA Board member and Community Service Committee Chair Puy Macario
NMBA Beauties with Vice President Rob Harel
NMBA Board Members Shirley Kim and Merlie Tolentino are all smiles
NMBA Junior Member Ezekiel Macario
NMBA Junior member Manatsu Omori
NMBA junior player rakes the dry weed
NMBA members busy cleaning outside the Ada Gym


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