Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Volunteers Step Up for 2010 International Coastal Cleanup!

CRM and DEQ are calling motivated groups to volunteer for the International Coastal Cleanup on 24-25 September, 2010.

Registered Groups and cleanup locations:

Big thanks out to the groups already registered, we're looking forward to the event!

Rotary Club of Saipan - Fishing Base
Shirley's Coffee Shop - Sugar Dock heading South
Fiesta Resort and Spa - Makaka Beach
MINA - Paupau Beach
Saipan International School - Coral Ocean Point
Friends of the Mariana Islands - South Laolao Beach
Saipan Mayor's Office - Wing Beach
CTSI Logistics - Susupe Park Beach
Hyatt Regency Saipan - Micro Beach
Pacific Marine Resources Institute - Quartermaster Road to 13 Fishermen
Saipan Swim Club - San Roque Beach

Beaches Still to be Adopted:

This is a lot of beaches folks - spread the word about the International Coastal Cleanup and let's have one group at each one! All people in government, we'd love to see a better showing of government agencies. Private organizations and clubs, this is great way to spend a couple hours giving back to the community that you're working in.

Forbidden Island Beach
Bird Island Beach
Obyan Beach
Ladder Beach
Tank Beach
Marine Beach
Dandan Pocket Beaches
North Laolao Beach (Dive Site)
Old Man by the Sea Beach
Jeffries Beach
Agingan Point to PIC
Micro Beach (Hyatt to Smiling Cove)
Coral Ocean Point
Lally 4
Sugar Dock heading north to Grand Hotel
Kilili Beach
Quartermaster south to MVA
13 Fishermen to Garapan Fishing Base
Garapan Fishing Base to Hafa Adai Hotel
Cow Town Beach

Last year volunteers diverted hundreds of bags of trash from Saipan's coastal areas. Let's make an even larger impact in 2010!

To sign-up for the event, please fill out the sign-up sheet and email it to or fax it to 664-8315. For more information, contact Rachel Zuercher at 664-8305.

For more information about the cleanup or to request a registration form, please call 664-8305 or email Thanks!

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