Monday, September 13, 2010


The community is coming out en masse to combat CNMI's marine debris! We have 33 registrations in and more coming every day.

Currently, the open beaches are: Bird Island, Forbidden Island, Jeffries Beach, Old Man By The Sea, San Roque and the Dandan pocket beaches. As so many of the beach areas are covered, the Coastal Cleanup Team is encouraging groups to adopt school compounds, neighborhoods, roadsides and known illegal dumping sites. All trash on land will end up in the sea - let's cover the entire island.

Registered Groups (as of September 13):
Rotary Club of Saipan - Fishing Base
Shirley's Coffee Shop - Sugar Dock heading South
Fiesta Resort and Spa - Makaka Beach
MINA - Paupau Beach
Saipan International School - Coral Ocean Point
Friends of the Mariana Islands - South Laolao Beach(Pavillion)
Saipan Mayor's Office - Wing Beach
CTSI Logistics - Susupe Park
Hyatt Regency Saipan - Micro Beach
Pacific Marine Resource Institute - Quartermaster to 13 Fishermen
Saipan Swim Club - Marine Beach
Brabu Pharmacy - Brabu Pharmacy on Middle Road, 13 Fishermen
Winzler and Kelly - Quartermaster South to MVA
D & Q Co. Ltd and Cosmos Distributing - Tanapag Beach (across church)
Office of Representative Antonio P. Sablan - north of PIC to San Antonio Elementary School Beach
Marianas Baptist Academy - Pakpak Beach
Saipan Seventh Day Adventist School - San Antonio Beach from SDA School, North and South
MVA/NMDOA - North Laolao Beach (dive site)
NMC Environment and Natural Resources Organization - Kilili Beach
Port Users and Operators Committee - Unai Sadog Tasi (Lower Base)
PDM Promoters - Hafa Adai to Garapan Fishing Base
Pacific Oriental, Inc. dba POI Aviation - Obyan Beach
Century Group of Companies & Saipan Tribune - back of TSL plaza to OPM
DLNR - Ladder Beach
PTK (Phi Theta Kappa) - 13 Fishermen to Garapan Fishing Base
PIC Saipan - Agingan Point to PIC
Saipan Grand Hotel - Sugar Dock heading North to Saipan Grand Hotel
Marianas Water Works Corporation - Cow Town Beach
SSFM International Inc. - Garapan
Kagman Elementary School - Tank Beach
SSHS JROTC Manta Ray Battalion - Lally 4
CNMI WIC Program - TBA
The Office of Representative Kilili - Kilili Beach

**All volunteer groups, please note that the Coastal Resources Management office will be open on 22-23 September for group leaders to pick up trash bags, gloves and marine debris data sheets.

See you all then!

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