Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Na’gatbo I Tano: Environment-friendly t-shirts for Beautify CNMI!

Reprinted from the Marianas Variety, November 16, 2010:

Susan Castro-Cabrera showing the Na'gatbo I Tano
t-shirts that she and her sons are donating to Beautify CNMI!
Also shown left to right: Capt Carl Bracher, Cinta Kaipat,
Laurie Peterka and Governor Fitial.
A CALIFORNIA-BASED Saipan entrepreneur who was recently on island donated over 40 organic t-shirts to the Beautify CNMI group to help its campaign for a cleaner environment.

Susan Castro-Cabrera, owner of The Evolution of Coffee in Carlsbad, California, handed the t-shirts to Beautify CNMI’s Cinta Kaipat in the governor’s conference room on Capital Hill last week.
Cabrera said the shirts, with “Na’gatbo I tano” printed on their front, were designed by her twins Joshua Kyne and Josiah Kane Castro-Cabrera Villagomez.

They are environmentally friendly, socially responsible t-shirt dedicated to the islanders of the Northern Marianas and Guam.

The t-shirt design depicts dolphins in circular formation which signifies the Recycle symbol, designed to remind the people of the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The design also depicts the dolphins as friendly and interactive creatures that embraces and protects the islands.

“Through these shirts, we hope to spread the message to beautify and save our islands and ultimately our planet earth,” Castro-Cabrera said.

Carl, Laurie, Cinta, Susan, Governor Fitial and John Baldwin
of Bridge Capital. Susan presented Beautify CNMI!
with t-shirts at Bridge Capital's donation distribution
presentation on November 10, 2010.
“When you wear this shirt, we hope that you are mindful of protecting the islands’ beauty and culture through preservation, conservation, sustainability, and ultimately peace,” the tags on the shirts said.
Castro-Cabrera said the t-shirts are made of 100 percent natural organic cloth and printed with water-based ink.

“It’s totally free of chemicals, and we urge you to wear these shirts with pride,” she said.
Kaipat thanked Castro-Cabrera on behalf of Beautify CNMI.

She said they are grateful for the t-shirts and hope each shirt will serve the purpose of urging the people to keep and protect the environment.

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