Thursday, December 02, 2010

You're All Invited to the Tree-Lighting Ceremony Tonight

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, Beautifyers!

Please come to the tree-lighting ceremony led by PDM Promoters at the Paseo de Marianas tonight, Thursday, Dec. 2, at the Paseo de Marianas. You will get a chance to pin different color ribbons representing different worthy causes on the giant tree. Beautify CNMI!'s color is GREEN, so let's show everyone our GREEN Beautify CNMI! spirit! Other GREEN-ribbon coalition partners, such as DEQ, MINA, FMI, and others, will also be there. So, come one, come all. This is an annual event that's not to be missed. So, all you Beautifyers out there -- come out and join us!

But, don't just stop at the color GREEN (even if it's our favorite color), show your support by pinning the other different color ribbons on the tree, too!

Also, we'll have fun watching the school children decorate their trees! This has become a much-anticipated fun tradition!

Ceremonies will start at 7 p.m. and the ribbon-pinning ceremony will follow shortly after.

So, bring friends and family and see you all there!

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