Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sign the Care2 Petition: KEEP MARPI BEAUTIFUL

KEEP MARPI BEAUTIFUL - - For Tourists And Residents Alike

Signatures Goal: 1,000
Target: Please sign this peition or let your congressperson or senator know to stop the power poles
Sponsored by: Say No To Power poles!, assoc

The CNMI Government is currently putting up power poles in Marpi in order to supply power to the cemeteries there. We understand the need to have power there but alternative power methods should be considered such as a stand alone generator, or solar or wind , so that there is no need to put up power poles which will destroy the natural, undeveloped beauty of the Marpi area.

Marpi is not only popular with residents, it is a favorite tourist spot as well - - and right now with our economy the way it is, lets keep the tourists coming here and admiring our natural beauty. In addition to signing this petition, we would also love for you to write letters to the editors and governor:

Do the right thing, keep Marpi beautiful and say:  SAY NO TO THE POWER POLES

Sign the online petition!

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