Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Sign the Petition OPPOSING Power Poles to be Installed at Marpi Area!

The Office for Capital Improvement Projects is proposing the installation of new power poles to provide additional lighting at Marpi area. However, MINA would like to ask the community to join our efforts and oppose such projects that will change, and possibly ruin the natural and serene beauty that Marpi provides to the local residents and tourists alike. Although the installation of the power poles may be made temporary to accomodate future underground installation of ground power wires, we would like to be given the opportunity to voice our concerns and offer alternative solutions other than what is being currently proposed.

To support this, please sign the petition today at:

Additionally, there will be a meeting TODAY, April 5th at Wild Bill’s 5:30PM to discuss alternative energy options for the Marpi Area. Don’t miss this event! Get your voices heard!

Visit MINA on the web at


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