Saturday, July 09, 2011

Dog Tag License Registrati​on

Courtesy of PAWS (Pet Assistance and Welfare Services) a message from the Mayor's Office:
Hafa Adai to all,

This to kindly inform dog owners starting next week July 11th-22nd 2011 Mayor of Saipan will reopen its Dog Control Program "Dog Tag License Registration". Registration will take place at the Mayor of Saipan Compound at Chalan Kanoa (behind the Post Service Office) from 9:00am-4:00pm(open during lunch hours). Please be advised to pay your fees at the CNMI Treasury in Capitol Hill, Superior Court in Susupe or the Tax and Revenue in Dan Dan then proceed to the registration site. Applications are available at the cashiers, please fill out the application per dog so we can expedite the process and then we will issue the tags.

To see a copy of Saipan Local Law 9-12 Dog Control Act and its Regulations, please contact the Mayor's office. Thank you for outmost support for the program.


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