Wednesday, October 05, 2011

2011 Internatio​nal Coastal Cleanup

Hello Everyone,

On behalf of Coastal Resources Management Office, I would like to personally thank you all group coordinators for organizing a group of volunteer to make 2011 International Coastal Cleanup a success. This event could not have been a success without the help of you and the many other volunteers who donated their time in making Saipan's beaches clean. 

We are happy to share the result with you, the total weigh in of trash collected in our cleanup is 5,120 lbs. at about several hundred pounds less than last year.  Even though it rain on us we still manage to cover most of our beaches.

A lot of your data card have been turn in and received and have totaled each individual trash collected on the list.  On top of our list is cigarettes filters with 2,349 pieces, second we have caps and lids at 1,198 pieces and on third of our list is plastic forks, knives and spoon and Styrofoam cups and plates at  825 pieces.  I am still collecting data cards, please do send me through e-mail or stop by CRMO to drop off.

I also like to thank Beautify CNMI!, DEQ, DPW, and MINA in providing helping hands and supplies for this year's International Coastal Cleanup. Summary of data card and photos will be attach.  

Guy Macaranas
Saipan Coastal Coordinator