Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shark Stanley Needs Your Help

Shark Stanley and his friends were playing on the reef,
When down came a net that swept them away. 
But at last when they escaped, they saw to their grief, 
Their home had no sharks! Leaving it barren and grey. 

Now Stan and his buddies are searching the ocean 
From Bali to Brazil and Bangladesh to Belize
For friends to stand up and cause a commotion 
Because the world needs sharks to help save the seas! 

“Hello friend! My name is Shark Stanley and I am traveling around the world to find friends who will support shark and manta ray protections at the upcoming Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) meeting in March.  If you would like to help me with this mission, you can print a picture of me - or my friends Manta Reina, Pierre le Porbeagle, and Waqi Whitetip - cut us out, and take a photo with us anywhere you wish. Then please send us this photo along with your name and where you are from!  My supporters are compiling your photos from around the world to share on their blog and web pages, and sending them to governments voting at CITES to get their support!  Help us reach our goal of finding 50 organizations and celebrities to partner with me, and to collect at least 5000 photos from all 177 CITES countries!”

Shark Stanley Downloads:

Manta Reina Downloads:

Pierre le Porbeagle Downloads:

Waqi Whitetip Downloads:

Send Photos:
Upload your photos to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram tagged with @SharkDefenders, #SharkStanley, and the country where you live (i.e. #USA, #Fiji, #Brazil, etc).


Email your photos to for us to compile into a unique petition. You can also send your photos directly to your country’s CITES representative (follow this link and look up your country).

If your organization would like to partner with Shark Stanley at CITES, write a story about us on your blog or website with a link to this page , then email us your logo and five photos of your friends with Shark Stanley to  We'll post your logo and link to your website on a special sponsors' page.

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Adrian Thomas said...

Not only him but each and every creature dwelling in the wild and in this world needs our help. We, as steward of nature, should definitely fulfill this simple act of caring as a courtesy to other dwellers here in our world.

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